Aircraft Scheduling

The club uses Aircraft Clubs for our aircraft scheduling system. Aircraft Clubs can be accessed by web page, from a desktop, tablet or smart phone.and is available any time day or night.
Link Description

Aircraft Clubs Home Page (Login)

This link will bring you to the logon page for the AircraftClubs scheduler.  From here, you can schedule any combination of aircraft, instructor and ipad resources.
Aircraft Clubs Features This link is an information link only and will provide you with the information you need to understand the features of the AircraftClubs scheduler that are available to you as a member.

Scheduling Guidelines

Following is a summary of rules for scheduling aircraft when using the Aircraft Clubs system:  More details can be found in the formal bylaws and/or flying regulations documents on the forms and documents page.
Scheduling Window:    You may schedule an aircraft up to one year in advance.

Currently, there are no limitations imposed on scheduling, due to it being a lower priority as we transitioned to Aircraft Clubs for our scheduling.  However, it is the intent to impose reasonable restrictions in the near future, to ensure equal access to all members.  Until we can configure the scheduler to impose the club limitations, we are leaving it up to each member to self-impose the following limitations:

  • No schedules created more than 366 days (1 year) in advance
  • No more than 4 schedules active during any point in time
  • No more than 20160 minutes (14 days) of active reservation minutes at any point in time (all active schedules combined)

Note: Reservations for the current day do not have to be included in calculated limits.  Also, a member can request exception to the limitation from the board, if there are unique, extenuating circumstances to be considered.

No-show Policy: If any member does not show up within thirty minutes after the start of her/his scheduled flying time, any other member may use the remainder of that scheduled time. However, before the aircraft is taken in such a situation, the aircraft scheduling system MUST be updated. A board member would have to be called to make the appropriate update.
Standby Notification: Standby reservations are permitted.  Use the on-line scheduling system to be automatically notified should an aircraft become available due to another member's schedule cancellation.
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