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Time & Weather for RST

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Note: The local time and UTC time come from this computer. If the computer is wrong, so is the time!

User Guides

Garmin GNS430 Pilot's Guide (PDF Format)
Garmin GNS430 Quick Reference Guide (PDF Format)
Garmin GNS530 Pilot's Guide and Reference (PDF Format)
Garmin GNS530 Quick Reference Guide (PDF Format)
Garmin 430/530 Basic Ops Cheat Sheet (PDF Format)
Garmin GNS400 Series Simulator Link
Garmin GNS500 SEries Simulator Link
Garmin GNS400/500 Series WAAS Trainer Link

Other Resources

For additional resources, such as weather, flight planning, FARs, etc., please see the Aviation Links page here.

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