Club Officers

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is elected yearly. In general, their responsibilities are to keep things running. The details can be found in the club bylaws.  Our current Board of Directors:

Position Name Telephone E-mail Address
President Jim Ulwellng home: 507-356-2450
cell:    507-251-2918
Vice-President Donald Fuller home: 507-281-2758
cell:    507-273-5718
Treasurer John Gressett Not available by request Not available by request
Secretary Scott Koon home: 507-281-0730
cell:    507-259-5737

Maintenance Officers

The unsung heros of the club. The few, the not-so-proud, but very brave ...
Aircraft Name Telephone E-mail Address
N47955 (Piper Archer II) Michael Murphy cell: 507-282-4759
work: 507-253-2478
N8119B (Piper Archer II) Don Fuller home: 507-281-2758
work: 507-273-5718
N645BD (Cirrus SR22 GTS) Tom Pitzen Not available by request
N4480R (Cessna 172) Rod Reicks Not available by request
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