Prospective Members


Joining the SEMFC is easy. We suggest you talk to current members and attend a monthly Club meeting so that you get a feel for how the Club operates and what we are all about. Contact any Club officer to tell you when and where the next Club meeting is.  The contact information can be found on our Contact Us page in the menu at the left.  We would also encourage you to browse our By-laws, Flying Regulations and Administrative Policy, via the Forms and Documents page in the menu at the left.  Together, these documents define the structure and the rules by which the club is guided.

Not a pilot yet? No problem ...  Many of our members started without even a student pilot certificate. While the Club is not a flight school and does not provide instruction, we provide the planes and a community in which you can obtain your license.  You make the instruction arrangements with the instructor of your choice, whether that instructor is a club member or not.  

Becoming a Member

Once you have decided to join, you will need to complete and submit a club application, which can be accessed (along with instructions) using the links below.  The application should be sent as specified on the form, accompanied by a check made out to Southeastern Minnesota Flying Club (or SEMFC) in the amount of $962.50.  This amount covers a non-refundable $200 joining fee, as well as the purchase of a $762.50 share in the club.  Note: this share is repurchased by the club when you resign your membership.  The club will not process your check until the Board has approved your membership, and we have contacted you to confirm.

What to Expect as a New Member

Once you have been accepted as a member, we will have you complete some other tasks, as outlined here.

There are 3 additional, very short forms we will have you complete (part of the New Member Packet, accessed via the link below). 

  • 2 questions, required by our insurance company
  • Signed agreement that you have read our by-laws, flying regulations and administrative policy and that you will abide by those documents
  • ACH form, for automatic payment of your monthly dues and flying costs

You will be given an orientation by one of the board members.  This orientation will provide you an overview of your responsibilities regarding access to, and the use of, our  hangars, our aircraft, and other pilot resources we make available to our members.  It will also instruct you on the use of our scheduling system.  It will also afford you the opportunity to ask any detailed questions you may have as a new member.

Finally, you will need access to the secure area of the airport where our aircraft and club office are located.  This area is controlled by Rochester International Airport and TSA.  Those two organizations have defined a process for applying for a proximity badge; a process that requires an application, an education session and badge fees (currently, as of November, 2015, $50).  The details that you will need to satisfy this process are in the New Member Packet, accessed via the link below.  Note:  You can start flying while the badge process is playing out; no need to wait!


          New Member Packet


  • All the forms above are in PDF format.  PDF format files require Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have this you can get it from by clicking here.
  • On most browsers you can save the PDF files by right clicking on the link and choosing 'save target as' or 'save link as'.

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