Anybody can use an extra hour of dual instruction. The club is not in the business of providing flight instruction, however, we are interested in ensuring that our members know where to go for quality instruction.  Below is a list of Club members and others approved by the Club who can also provide instruction.

Name Ratings Telephone E-mail Address Notes
Ronn DenOuden CFI cell: 507-269-7315
Joe Fishburn AGI, CFI, CFII, CFI RH, IGI, Light Sport Pilot, MEI home: 507-288-2676
work: 507-271-3402
cell: 507-271-3402 Personal web site at
Derwin Hammond CFI, ATC Tower, Approach Control, Center and Oceanic Control Experience; CFII, CFII; ASES Complex and High Performance Amphib and Straight Floats; Tail Wheel, High Performance, Complex and Mountain Qualified Instructor; High Performance and Complex Ski Plane Instructor home: 507-365-8186
work: 507-365-8186 FAA logistics pilot, Part 135 Air Taxi/Bush experience in Alaska.
Scott Koon CFI cell: 507-259-5737 
Jim Leedham AGI, CFI, CFII home: 507-367-2591
work: 507-284-2620
cell: 507-269-3371
Jim Perry CFI, CFII cell: 507-951-6816
Scott Worden CFI, CFII, MEI ATP multi. Commercial Land and Sea. Tail wheel endorsement, typed in C510 and C525. cell: 918-213-5012
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