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  • AirNav Fuel Finder     Find the best prices for aviation fuel locally or near your destination. See how fuel prices near you compare to the rest of the country.
  • DynCopr      provides the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) sponsored DUAT service. Weather, flight planning, flight plan filing; provides service to AOPA site
  • Aeroseek     aviation search engine and directory
  • IOS (iPhone/iPad)
    • Aviation Weather from NOAA/NWS  quick access to weather graphics, radar, satellite, and METARs/TAFs/PIREPs
    • Spin-a-wind   provides easy access to crosswind speeds, density altitudes and other useful info
    • Pilot Time  instantly gives you the current time for your current time zone as well as UTC time; retains most recently used timezones; timezone converter
  • Android
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